Epilep­to­logie 4 | 2012

Epilepsie auf der Intensivpflegestation

Refrac­tory Status Epilep­ticus: Epide­mio­logy, Clinical Aspects
and Manage­ment of a Persis­tent Epileptic Storm
Raoul Sutter and Stephan Rüegg

Antiepi­leptic Medica­tion in the ICU: Which Compounds Do We Need?
Alba Sierra-Marcos and Andrea O. Rossetti

Electro­en­ce­pha­logra­phic Patterns in Coma: When Things Slow Down
Raoul Sutter and Peter W. Kaplan

EEG in the ICU: What Should One Treat, What Not?
Jong Woo Lee

Prognosis after Cerebral Anoxia in Adults: What’s the Role of
EEG Specialist?
Vincent Alvarez and Andrea O. Rossetti

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