The Swiss League Against Epilepsy has published three information flyers, a short film and some parts of its website in Ukrainian. This complements the work it has already done in Ukraine itself.

January 2023 – After the Russian military offensive against Ukraine began, many refugees sought safety in Switzerland and other countries. The majority are women and children, many of whom have epilepsy. For children with difficult-to-treat epilepsies in particular, it is almost impossible to access appropriate care in a war zone, so their families often seek refuge outside their country’s borders.

When the war started, the Swiss League Against Epilepsy began sending epilepsy medication into the conflict zone. It is now continuing its commitment, having now built up personal contacts in the region.

Three information flyers have now been translated into Ukrainian: “What are epileptic seizures and epilepsies?”, “First aid during epileptic seizures” and “Epilepsy in children”. This information already exists in the Swiss national languages and in English, and much of it is also available in Albanian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Portuguese and Turkish.

The flyers are available on the website and can be easily printed out on four pages of A4 pages each. Within Switzerland, the Epilepsy League also sends them by post on request, free of charge or for a small contribution towards expenses.

In addition, the popular short film “First aid for an epileptic seizure” can now also be viewed with Ukrainian subtitles.