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We cooperate with associ­ated specialist organ­i­sa­tions in Switzer­land and abroad, and also with patient organ­i­sa­tions.

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The World Health Assembly, the supreme decision‐making body of the World Health Organi­za­tion, unani­mously adopted a resolu­tion on epilepsy in 2015. It encour­ages member countries to strive to improve the care of people with epilepsy. It notes that govern­ments should imple­ment measures to improve and protect the rights of people living with epilepsy. It also states that in countries with low and medium incomes, anti‐epileptic drugs should be made more avail­able and afford­able.

The Swiss Epilepsy League backed the resolu­tion and supports the WHO measures.

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To achieve its aims, the World Health Organi­za­tion (WHO) is officially cooper­ating with the ILAE – the Inter­na­tional League Against Epilepsy; the Swiss League Against Epilepsy is the Swiss chapter of the ILAE.

More infor­ma­tion on ilae.org

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