Research Recog­ni­tion Award

With our annual Research Recog­ni­tion Award of CHF 25,000 we support scien­tific projects. In this way we help improve the under­standing of epilepsy and enable treat­ment processes to be derived or further devel­oped.

The start-up funding from the Epilepsy League has paid off enormously. We have learnt a great deal about the genetic causes of epilepsy and can now recog­nise many forms of epilepsy better and earlier. Moreover, this knowl­edge has enabled better, targeted treat­ment to be devel­oped for some patients during several follow-up studies.” (Prof. Johannes Lemke, 2011 Research Grant recip­ient)

Laureate 2019

The absent mind – Neurocog­ni­tion and sleep in young people with absence seizures

Dr. phil. Martina Hubacher, Univer­sity Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB)

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Laureats 2018

Neuronal current imaging – the clinical appli­ca­tion of a non-invasive MR-based inves­ti­ga­tion method to detect local epilepsy-related magnetic field inhomo­geneities after a first epileptic seizure

Prof. Dr. med. Roland Wiest, Dr. phil. Claus Kiefer and Prof. Dr. med. Dr. sc. nat. Kaspar Schindler, Insel­spital Bern

Photo, from left to right: Epilepsy League presi­dent Prof. Stephan Rüegg, award winner Prof. Roland Wiest and Dr. Klaus Meyer

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Laureats 2017

Decreasing suscep­ti­bility of the epileptic networks by suppres­sion of fast ripples in a mouse-model of temporal lobe epilepsy

Dr. Charles Quairiaux (photo), Dr. Abbas Khani and Prof. Christoph Michel, Depart­ment of Basic Neuro­sciences at the Univer­sity of Geneva

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Using closed-loop optoge­netic inter­ven­tion to inves­ti­gate the mecha­nisms of epilep­to­ge­n­esis and its anti-epileptogenic effects in a mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsy

Jean-Marc Fritschy (left), Tilo Gschwind
Univer­sität Zürich

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