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Since 2022, the Zeitschrift für Epilep­tologie has been produced jointly by the Swiss League Against Epilepsy and the German and the Austrian epilep­tology associ­a­tions. It also serves as a bulletin for the working group on presur­gical epilepsy diagnos­tics and opera­tive epilepsy therapy Arbeits­ge­mein­schaft für prächirur­gische Epilep­siedi­ag­nostik und opera­tive Epilep­si­ether­apie e.V. and the Michael Founda­tion.

The epilep­tology journal is published four times a year by the Springer Medizin Verlag and its target reader­ship are special­ists with an interest in epilepsy. Announce­ments from the Epilepsy League along with abstracts of all articles are also avail­able in French. Selected articles will be avail­able in English as open access publications.

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Topic sugges­tions and article submis­sions are welcome. Original articles undergo a peer review process.