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Since 2022/23, “Clinical Epileptology” (formerly “Zeitschrift für Epileptologie”) has been produced jointly by the Swiss League Against Epilepsy and the German and the Austrian epileptology associations. It also serves as a bulletin for the working group on presurgical epilepsy diagnostics and operative epilepsy therapy Arbeitsgemeinschaft für prächirurgische Epilepsiediagnostik und operative Epilepsietherapie e.V. and the Michael Foundation.

The epileptology journal is published four times a year by the Springer Medizin Verlag and its target readership are specialists with an interest in epilepsy. Announcements from the Epilepsy League along with abstracts of all articles are also available in French. Selected articles will be available in English as open access publications.

Specialist members of the Epilepsy League are eligible to receive the journal free of charge.

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Topic suggestions and article submissions are welcome. Original articles undergo a peer review process.

Last updated: November 2023

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