Alfred Haupt­mann Award

The Alfred Haupt­mann Award is bestowed together with the German and Austrian epilep­tology associ­a­tions to individ­uals or working groups for the best exper­i­mental or clinical research in the field of epilep­tology in German-speaking countries. It is awarded every two years and totals EUR 10,000.

The deadline for the next Alfred Haupt­mann Award is probably 31 December, 2022.

Submis­sions should be works written in German or English that have been published or accepted for publi­ca­tion. They should be accom­pa­nied by the appli­cant’s curriculum vitae, a comment from the chair of the appli­cant’s home clinic/institution and, where there are several authors, an indica­tion of the degree of involve­ment of each author. The email address for appli­ca­tions is: .

More infor­ma­tion in German

The award is named after the German neurol­o­gist Alfred Haupt­mann, who discov­ered the anticon­vul­sant efficacy of pheno­bar­bital in 1912 and had to emigrate from Germany in 1933 because of his Jewish origins.

Laure­ates 2021

Dr. Maxime Baud (Bern) and Dr. Timothée Proix (Genève)

Press release

Laure­ates 2019

Dr. Johannes Lang, Erlangen, Prof. Dr. Karel Kostev, Frank­furt, and Prof. Dr. Hajo M. Hamer, Erlangen

Press release (in German)

Laudatio (German)

Laure­ates 2017

Gian Marco De Marchis, Basel (Foto) and Deborah Pugin, Geneva as well as

Carola Haas, Freiburg i.Br.


Other laure­ates


Anne-Sophie Wendling and Bernhard J. Stein­hoff, Kehl-Kork


Yvonne Weber, Tübingen


Ingmar Blümcke, Erlangen as well as Claudia Brandt, Hannover


Hans-Jürgen Huppertz, Zürich; Jörg Wellmer, Bonn; Anke Maren Staack, Kehl-Kork; Dirk-Matthias Alten­müller, Freiburg; Horst Urbach, Bonn; Judith Kröll-Seger, Zürich


Christoph Hübner, Jena


Ying Wang-Tilz, Chris­tian Tilz, Elisa­beth Pauli and Hermann Stefan, Erlangen


Chris­tian Bien, Bonn as well as Ulrich Ebert, Hannover


Heinz Beck, Bonn as well as Alois Ebner, Bethel-Bielefeld and Hennric Jokeit, Zürich


Ortrud Stein­lein, Bonn and Thomas J. Jentsch, Hamburg as well as
Rüdiger Köhling, Anne Lücke and Heidrun Straub, Münster


Claus Brühl und Otto W. Witte, Düssel­dorf as well as Christoph Helmstaedter, Bonn


Rainer Wolf, Franz Strehle and Hinderk M. Emrich, Hannover


Hermann Stefan, Peter Schüler, Cornelia Hummel, Klaus Abraham-Fuchs and Siegfried Schneider; Erlangen as well as Andreas Bayer, München


Andreas Hufnagel, Chris­tian E. Elger, Dieter-Karsten Böker, Detlef B. Linke, Martin Kurthen and Laszio Solymosi, Bonn


Uwe Heine­mann, Köln and Istvan Mody, München as well as Jörg Walden and Otto W. Witte, Münster


Hans-Dieter Oldigs, Kiel


Christin E. Elger and Erwin-Josef Speck­mann, Münster as well as Dieter Schmidt, Berlin


no award


Hans-Hasso Frey and Wolfgang Löscher, Berlin as well as Helmut Fichsel, Bonn