Epilep­to­logie 4 | 2018

Pharma­co­re­si­stant Epilepsy

Drug Resistance in Epilepsy 
Irene Aicua-Rapun and Jan Novy

Foreca­sting Seizures: Not Unthin­kable Anymore 
Maxime Baud and Kaspar Schindler

Virtual Resec­tion for Predic­ting the Outcome of Epilepsy Surgery 
Michael Müller, Christian Rummel, Kaspar Schindler and Andreas Steimer

Combi­ning Visual and Compu­ta­tional Approa­ches in Pre-surgical Evalua­tion for Pharmaco-resistant Epilepsy: a Case-based Presentation
Frédéric Zubler, Heide­marie Gast, Michael Müller, Kaspar Schindler and Christian Rummel

Ein Fall von limbi­scher Autoim­mu­nen­ze­pha­litis mit seriellen Anfällen
Rike Barth, Franca Wagner, Melanie Hacken­berg und Frédéric Zubler

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