Epilep­to­logie 3 | 2016

Non-Epileptologic EEG Diagnostics

The Cyclic Alter­na­ting Pattern and the Brain Body Coupling During Sleep
Liborio Parrino, Giulia Milioli, Andrea Melpi­gnano and Irene Trippi

The Sleep EEG in a State Space Model
Lukas L. Imbach

Quanti­ta­tive EEG in the Inten­sive Care Unit
Frédéric Zubler, Mojtaba Banda­ra­badi, Rebekka Kurmann, Andreas Steimer, Heide­marie Gast and Kaspar A. Schindler

Electroen­ce­pha­lo­graphy in the Diffe­ren­tial Diagnosis of Dementia
Alida A. Gouw and Cornelis J. Stam

Quanti­ta­tive EEG in Schizo­ph­renia: Current State and Future Direction
Thomas Koenig, Laura Diaz Hernandez and Kathryn Rieger

Chemo­sen­sory Event Related Potentials
Basile N. Landis, Simona Negoias and Hergen Friedrich