Epilep­to­logie 2 | 2015


Prefe­rence of Newer Versus Older AED: Where is the Evidence?
Iris Unterberger

Newer Anti-Epileptic Drugs in Children
Sébastien Lebon and Eliane Roulet-Perez

Long Term Somatic Adverse Events of Antie­pi­leptic Drugs
Jan Novy

The Tailored Choice of Antie­pi­leptic Drugs in Patients with Epilepsy
Andrea O. Rossetti

Thera­peutic Drug Monito­ring of Antie­pi­leptic Drugs in the 21st Century
Pascal André, Jan Novy, Laurent A. Decosterd, Thierry Buclin and Laura E. Rothuizen

Multi­plex Mass Spectro­metry Analysis of Latest-Generation Antie­pi­leptic Drugs:
A Clini­cally Useful Labora­tory Tool for Improved Real-Time Patients’ Care
Laurent A. Decosterd, Thomas Mercier, Pascal André, Sylvie Bertholet, Laura E. Rothuizen, Andrea O. Rossetti and Thierry Buclin

A Review of Cerebral Electro­ma­gnetic Infra­slow Activity
Ernst Rodin

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