Epilep­to­logie 2 | 2013

Advanced Imaging In Epilepsy

Postpro­ces­sing of Struc­tural MRI in the Presur­gical Evalua­tion of Epilepsy Patients
Hans-Jürgen Huppertz, Judith Kröll, Martin Kurthen and Thomas Grunwald

Clinical Appli­ca­tion of Language and Memory fMRI in Epilepsy
Anja Haag and Silvia Bonelli

Nuclear Medicine Imaging in Epilepsy
Valen­tina Garibotto and Fabienne Picard

Electric and Magnetic Source Imaging of Epileptic Activity
Pierre Mégevand and Serge Vulliémoz

Neuroi­ma­ging of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy : Lesions and Networks
Eugenio Abela, Chris­tian Rummel, Martinus Hauf, Chris­tian Weiss­tanner, Kaspar Schindler and Roland Wiest