The large majority of people who have epilepsy take daily medication to prevent seizures. The Swiss League Against Epilepsy has published a new information flyer about these drugs.

January 2023 – Does this mean I’ll have to take medication for years, or even for the rest of my life? How do I cope with side effects? How do I make sure I don’t forget to take my medication each day? These are the kinds of questions everyone asks when faced with a (potential) epilepsy diagnosis.

The “Epilepsy medication” flyer from the Swiss Epilepsy League doesn’t give information on specific drugs, instead it deals with the basic decision on whether or not to take anti-seizure medication and gives practical tips on day-to-day issues. Like all Epilepsy League information, it cannot be used as a substitute for a doctor’s appointment, but is intended as a communication aid for specialist medical staff and to promote discussion.

The new flyer is available on the website and can be easily printed out with 4 A4 pages each. Within Switzerland, the Epilepsy League also sends leaflets by post on request, free of charge or for a small contribution towards expenses.