The Swiss League Against Epilepsy is helping to increase knowl­edge about epilepsy with its annual research grant of CHF 25,000. This year, appli­ca­tions are invited for two further awards: the Alfred Haupt­mann Award totals EUR 10,000 and the Prize for Best Disser­ta­tion in the field of epilep­tology is also on offer. The appli­ca­tion deadline for all awards is 31 December 2018.

(Zurich) The Research Recog­ni­tion Award from the Swiss League Against Epilepsy totals CHF 25,000. It is awarded annually to researchers working in Switzer­land as start-up funding for larger research projects. Appli­ca­tions from researchers carrying out studies on causes of and thera­pies for epilep­sies are especially welcome.

The Alfred Haupt­mann Award is bestowed together with the German and Austrian epilep­tology associ­a­tions to individ­uals or working groups for the best exper­i­mental or clinical research in the field of epilep­tology in German-speaking countries. It is awarded every two years and totals EUR 10,000. Since 2009, UCB has donated the prize money for this award.

The award is named after the German neurol­o­gist Alfred Haupt­mann, who discov­ered the anticon­vul­sant efficacy of pheno­bar­bital in 1912 and had to emigrate from Germany in 1939 because of his Jewish origins.

Every three years, the author of the best doctoral thesis in the field of epilep­tology from a Swiss univer­sity is awarded the Prize for Best Disser­ta­tion worth CHF 1,000. Appli­ca­tions are not restricted to the field of medicine and are equally welcome from those studying related disci­plines such as psychology or pharma­cology whose work deals with epilepsy.

All three awards will be presented at the Epilepsy League’s annual confer­ence. Co-organized with the German and Austrian chapters of the Inter­na­tional League Against Epilepsy, it will take place in Basel on 8 to 11 May 2019.

Bidding for all three awards is open until 31 December 2018.

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