For profes­sionals

As a profes­sional organ­i­sa­tion we support medical profes­sionals who treat people with epilepsy and who work in various different disci­plines, for example neurology, neuropae­di­atrics, general and internal medicine, gynae­cology and psychiatry.

Guidelines/guiding princi­ples

The Swiss League Against Epilepsy follows the guide­lines (written in German) of the German Society of Neurology which were drafted in conjunc­tion with the Swiss Neuro­log­ical Society and the Austrian Society of Neurology.

Erster epilep­tis­cher Anfall und Epilep­sien im Erwach­se­nenalter (last updated: April 2017)

Status epilep­ticus im Erwach­se­nenalter (last updated: June 2020)

Qualität­sleitlinien auf dem Gebiet der prächirur­gis­chen Epilep­siedi­ag­nostik und opera­tiven Epilep­si­ether­apie (last updated: 2014/15)

Revised version of quality guide­lines for presur­gical epilepsy evalu­a­tion and surgical epilepsy therapy issued by the Austrian, German, and Swiss working group on presur­gical epilepsy diagnosis and opera­tive epilepsy treat­ment (2016)

Websites that are helpful for epilepsy diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis website with videos for profes­sionals (in English, regis­tra­tion required to view videos)

Drug compendium

Infor­ma­tion on valproate from Swissmedic

This website provides up-to-date infor­ma­tion (in German) on short­ages of drugs, including anti-epileptic drugs):

This tool calcu­lates the risk of seizure recur­rence after stopping anti-epileptic drugs: AED withdrawal risk calculator

Swiss Database for Dosing Medic­inal Products in Pediatrics:

Respon­sible: Stephan Rüegg; last updated: October 2020.

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