For professionals

As a professional organisation we support medical professionals who treat people with epilepsy and who work in various different disciplines, for example neurology, neuropaediatrics, general and internal medicine, gynaecology and psychiatry.

Guidelines/guiding principles

The Swiss League Against Epilepsy follows the guidelines (written in German) of the German Society of Neurology which were drafted in conjunction with the Swiss Neurological Society and the Austrian Society of Neurology.

Erster epileptischer Anfall und Epilepsien im Erwachsenenalter (last updated: April 2017)

Status epilepticus im Erwachsenenalter (last updated: June 2020)

Qualitätsleitlinien auf dem Gebiet der prächirurgischen Epilepsiediagnostik und operativen Epilepsietherapie (last updated: 2014/15)

Revised version of quality guidelines for presurgical epilepsy evaluation and surgical epilepsy therapy issued by the Austrian, German, and Swiss working group on presurgical epilepsy diagnosis and operative epilepsy treatment (2016)

Websites that are helpful for epilepsy diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis website with videos for professionals (in English, registration required to view videos)

Drug compendium

Information on valproate from Swissmedic

This website provides up-to-date information (in German) on shortages of drugs, including anti-epileptic drugs):

This tool calculates the risk of seizure recurrence after stopping anti-epileptic drugs: AED withdrawal risk calculator

Swiss Database for Dosing Medicinal Products in Pediatrics:

Responsible: Stephan Rüegg; last updated: October 2020.