Researchers in Switzer­land still have the chance to receive CHF 25,000 in start-up funding: the new deadline for the Epilepsy League’s Research Recog­ni­tion Award is 31 May 2022. The deadline for the Prize for Best Disser­ta­tion is now 31 December 2022, and master’s theses are now eligible as well. 

March 2022 — The Research Recog­ni­tion Award of the Swiss League Against Epilepsy totals CHF 25,000. It is awarded annually to scien­tists working in Switzer­land for research projects, usually as start-up funding. The main aim is to promote research into the causes and treat­ments of epilepsy.

In the new guide­lines for the award, the League empha­sises that several projects can be supported per year. It there­fore encour­ages appli­ca­tions for smaller projects and by young researchers.

The prize will be officially awarded at the European Epilepsy Congress, which will take place in Geneva from 9–13 July 2022.

The Prize for Best Disser­ta­tion is worth CHF 1000. It will be awarded to the best doctoral or master’s thesis at a Swiss college or univer­sity in the field of epilep­tology. Appli­ca­tions are possible from all disci­plines, and the theses should origi­nate from the years 2020 to 2022. Appli­ca­tions are not restricted to the field of medicine and are equally welcome from those studying related disci­plines such as psychology or pharma­cology whose work deals with epilepsy.

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