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►  Swiss League Against Epilepsy

Swiss League Against Epilepsy

The Swiss League Against Epilepsy (Epilepsy League) researches, aids and informs. Its goal is to sustainably improve the daily lives and standing in society of those affected by epilepsy.

Epilepsy can affect us all. In Switzerland, approximately 70,000 people live with epilepsy, of which some 15,000 are children. Roughly two thirds can be treated with medicinal drugs. But for the other third, epilepsy remains very difficult to handle.

The Epilepsy League is a professional organisation, operating all over Switzerland, and is the Swiss branch of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE).

As a recognised charity, the Epilepsy League guarantees diligent usage of your donation. Your donation is tax deductible in Switzerland.

Press release on Research Grant (July 2016)


Our Youth Campaign

Lucas Fischer am BarrenWatch our campaign video. For all those who understand neither Swiss German nor French, the text is: "My name is Lucas Fischer, European vice champion at the parallel bars, and I have epilepsy." 





 (French and German)

Informations sur la campagne (French)

Mehr zur Kampagne (deutsch)




Joint Annual Meeting, April 2016: Press release

Press release on Research Grant (August 2015)

Obituary Christoph Pachlatko, 1956-2015


Services for the public: 

  • Flyers with information about epilepsy in German, French and Italian on the following topics:
    • What is epilepsy?
    • Most common causes of epilepsy
    • Characteristic features of seizures
    • First aid in seizures
    • Drug treatment
    • Men and epilepsy
    • Women and epilepsy
    • Epilepsy and pregnancy
    • Common forms of seizures in children
    • Work and epilepsy
    • Sports and epilepsy
    • Travel and epilepsy
    • Driving a car and epilepsy
    • Epilepsy in the elderly
    • Vagus nerve stimulation
    • Ketogenic diet
    • Compliance
    • Insurance guide
  • Three public events every year on topics such as "Epilepsy and sports", "Epilepsy and family" or "Epilepsy in the elderly", in alternate towns of Switzerland. The goal of these events is better information for the public on epilepsy to remove the stigma.
  • Special Day for patients and their relatives. Once a year a day is organised on a specific topic for patients and their relatives, with talks on different topics and possibilities for contact and discussion.
  • Epilepsy Day (October 5). National campaign with annual special activity.
  • DVDs "Epilepsy" and "In the Shadow of the Wolf" (fiction film)
  • Epilepsy News. Published three times a year in German and in French, provides information on current activities of the Swiss League against Epilepsy.
  • Email newsletter
  • Information by telephone, email or personal contact

Additional services for professionals:

  • Journal "Epileptologie", published quarterly. Contains the latest research results and findings for investigations and treatment, with trilingual abstracts
  • Three educational events per year on topics such as "Pregnancy with epilepsy", "Epilepsy and comorbidity" or "Epilepsy in the elderly", for neurologists and other relevant experts in alternate towns of Switzerland.
  • Annual research grant of 25,000 CHF
  • Prize for best dissertation of 1,000 CHF every three years
  • Alfred Hauptmann award of 10,000 Euro every two years, together with the German and the Austrian chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy
  • DVDs "Signs of Epileptic Seizures" and "Dissociative Seizures"


International League Against Epilepsy: http://www.ilae.org/